Solaris and AIX: prtconf command

prtconf command for Aix and Solaris operating systems.

It provide the information about below ones:

System model.
Machine serial number.
Processor type, number of processors and clock speed of processors.
Network information.
File system information.
Paging space information.
Devices information.
Total memory size.
To Gather General Machine Information

Using the command prtconf alone provides the whole information of machine.
The sample is given below. Some actual values have been replaced with other values for the sake of security.

ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf

To know what is the LPAR partition number and partition name use -L.

ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf -L

If its not LPAR, then “-1 NULL” will be returned.

To know the physical memory size of the machine use -m flag.
ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf -m

To know the Vital Product Data of all physical devices internal or attached to the machine, use -v option.
ask-sanjay10: $prtconf -v

Almost all of the information gathered by above commands is sn above in the output of prtconf command.

To Get The Processor Clock Speed

For this issue the command with -s parameter.
ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf -s

To Get CPU Type

To know if the cpu type is 32 bit or 64 bit, issue the command with -c parameter.
ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf -c

To Know The Type of Kenel bits
ask-sanjay10: $ prtconf -k