In-built scripts with the database.


Script NameDescription
addmrpt.sqlAutomatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report
addmrpti.sqlAutomatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) report
addmtmig.sqlPost upgrade script to load new ADDM task metadata tables for task migration.
ashrpt.sqlActive Session History (ASH) report
ashrpti.sqlActive Session History (ASH) report. RAC and Standby Database support added in 2008.
ashrptistd.sqlActive Session History (ASH) report helper script for obtaining user input when run on a Standby.
awrblmig.sqlAWR Baseline Migration
awrddinp.sqlRetrieves dbid,eid,filename for SWRF and ADDM Reports
awrddrpi.sqlWorkload Repository Compare Periods Report
awrddrpt.sqlProduces Workload Repository Compare Periods Report
awrextr.sqlHelps users extract data from the AWR
awrgdinp.sqlAWR global compare periods report input variables
awrgdrpi.sqlWorkload repository global compare periods report
awrgdrpt.sqlAWR global differences report
awrginp.sqlAWR global input
awrinfo.sqlOutputs general Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) information such as the size and data distribution
awrinput.sqlCommon code used for SWRF reports and ADDM
awrload.sqlUses DataPump to load information from dump files into the AWR
awrrpt.sqlAutomated Workload Repository (AWR) report
awrrpti.sqlAutomated Workload Repository (AWR) report
awrsqrpi.sqlReports on differences in values recorded in two different snapshots
awrsqrpt.sqlProduces a workload report on a specific SQL statement
catalog.sqlBuilds the data dictionary views
catblock.sqlCreates views that dynamically display lock dependency graphs
catclust.sqlBuilds DBMS_CLUSTDB built-in package
caths.sqlInstalls packages for administering heterogeneous services
catio.sqlAllows I/O to be traced on a table-by-table basis
catnoawr.sqlScript to uninstall AWR features
catplan.sqlBuilds PLAN_TABLE$: A public global temporary table version of PLAN_TABLE.
dbfs_create_filesystem.sqlDBFS create file system script
dbfs_create_filesystem_advanced.sqlDBFS create file system script
dbfs_drop_filesystem.sqlDBFS drop file system
dbmshptab.sqlPermanent structures supporting DBMS_HPROF hierarchical profiler
dbmsiotc.sqlAnalyzes chained rows in index-organized tables.
dbmspool.sqlEnables DBA to lock PL/SQL packages, SQL statements, and triggers into the shared pool.
dumpdian.sqlAllows one to dump Diana out of a database in a human-readable format (exec dumpdiana.dump(‘DMMOD_LIB’);)
epgstat.sqlShows various status of the embedded PL/SQL gateway and the XDB HTTP listener. It should be run by a user with XDBADMIN and DBA roles.
hangdiag.sqlHang analysis/diagnosis script
prgrmanc.sqlPurges from RMAN Recovery Catalog the records marked as deleted by the user
recover.bsqCreates recovery manager tables and views … read the header very carefully if considering performing an edit
sbdrop.sqlSQL*PLUS command file drop user and tables for readable standby
sbduser.sqlSQL*Plus command file to DROP user which contains the standby statspack database objects
sbreport.sqlThis script calls sbrepins.sql to produce standby statspack report. It must run as the standby statspack owner, stdbyperf
scott.sqlCreates the SCOTT schema objects and loads the data
secconf.sqlSecure configuration script: Laughable but better than the default
spauto.sqlSQL*PLUS command file to automate the collection of STATPACK statistics
spawrrac.sqlGenerates a global AWR report to report performance statistics on all nodes of a cluster
spcreate.sqlCreates the STATSPACK user, table, and package
sppurge.sqlPurges a range of STATSPACK data
sprepcon.sqlSTATSPACK report configuration.
sprepsql.sqlDefaults the dbid and instance number to the current instance connected-to, then calls sprsqins.sql to produce the standard Statspack SQL report
sprsqins.sqlSTATSPACK report.
sql.bsqDrives the creation of the Oracle catalog and data dictionary objects.
tracetab.bsqCreates tracing table for the DBMS_TRACE built-in package.
userlock.sqlRoutines that allow the user to request, convert and release locks.
utlchain.sqlCreates the default table for storing the output of the analyze list chained rows command.
utlchn1.sqlCreates the default table for storing the output of the analyze list chained rows command.
utlconst.sqlConstraint check utility to check for valid date constraints.
utldim.sqlBuild the Exception table for DBMS_DIMENSION.VALIDATE_DIMENSION.
utldtchk.sqlThis utility script verifies that a valid database object has correct dependency$ timestamps for all its parent objects. Violation of this invariant can show up as one of the following:Invalid dependency references [DEP/INV] in library cache dumps ORA-06508: PL/SQL: could not find program unit being calledPLS-00907: cannot load library unit %s (referenced by %s)ORA-00600[ kksfbc-reparse-infinite-loop]
utldtree.sqlShows objects recursively dependent on given object.
utledtol.sqlCreates the outline table OL$, OL$HINTS, and OL$NODES in a user schema for working with stored outlines
utlexcpt.sqlBuilds the Exception table for constraint violations.
utlexpt1.sqlCreates the default table (EXCEPTIONS) for storing exceptions from enabling constraints. Can handle both physical and logical rowids.
utlip.sqlCan be used to invalidate all existing PL/SQL modules (procedures, functions, packages, types, triggers, views) in a database so that they will be forced to be recompiled later either automatically or deliberately.
utllockt.sqlPrints the sessions in the system that are waiting for locks, and the locks they are waiting for.
utlpwdmg.sqlCreates the default Profile password VERIFY_FUNCTION.
utlrdt.sqlrecompiles all DDL triggers in UPGRADE mode at the end of one of three operations:DB upgradeutlirp to invalidate and recompile all PL/SQLdbmsupgnv/dbmsupgin to convert PL/SQL to native/interpreted
utlrp.sqlRecompiles all invalid objects in the database.
utlscln.sqlCopies a snapshot schema from another snapshot site
utlsxszd.sqlCalculates the required size for the SYSAUX tablespace.
utltkprf.sqlGrants public access to all views used by TKPROF with verbose=y option
utluiobj.sqlOutputs the difference between invalid objects post-upgrade and those objects that were invalid preupgrade
utlu112i.sqlProvides information about databases prior to upgrade (Supported releases: 9.2.0, 10.1.0 and 10.2.0)
utlvalid.sqlCreates the default table for storing the output of the analyze validate command on a partitioned table
utlxaa.sqlDefines a user-defined workload table for SQL Access Advisor. The table is used as workload source for SQL Access Advisor where a
user can insert SQL statements and then specify the table as a workload source.
utlxplan.sqlBuilds PLAN_TABLE: Required for Explain Plan, DBMS_XPLAN, and AUTOTRACE (replaced by catplan.sql)
utlxplp.sqlDisplays Explain Plan from PLAN_TABLE using DBMS_XPLAN built-in. Includes parallel run information
utlxpls.sqlDisplays Explain Plan from PLAN_TABLE using DBMS_XPLAN built-in. Does not include parallel query information
utlxrw.sqlBuilds the REWRITE_TABLE for EXPLAIN_REWRITE tests
xdbvlo.sqlValidates XML DB schema objects
glogin.sqlSQL*Plus global login “site profile” file. Add SQL*Plus commands here to executed them when en a user starts SQL*Plus and/or connects
plustrce.sqlCreates the PLUSTRACE role required to use AUTOTRACE
pupbld.sqlCreates PRODUCT_USER_PROFILE
dfltAccPwd.sqlChecks for default accounts with default passwords
hanganalyze.sqlHang analysis script for stand-alone databases
hanganalyzerac.sqlHang analysis script for RAC clusters