Amazon Simple Email Service (SES)

In this article we will see how to use the SES.

Once logged in aws console click the ‘Simple Email Service’ under the ‘Customer Engagement’. You will see below option.

Simple Email Service‘ under the ‘Customer Engagement’.
Using any of the above options you can perform as relevant task.
There are multiple options under the ‘SES’ home (left side panel).
Under ‘SMTP Settings’ click the highlighted button ‘Create My SMTP Credentials’

Clock ‘Create’
Once you will Create Record Sets an email will be sent
Once you click on ‘Use Route 53’ (background page below ‘Create Record Sets).

Create Receipt Rule

Click ‘Go to rule set creation’ (below last icon).
Create a Receipt Rule.
Click ‘Add Recipient.
Note: Once clicked you will see the receipt add and ‘Verification Status’ and option to remove.